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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Every Teacher's Burden

I had a moment today where one of my students got "it". And by "it" I means the particular type of "it" I throw in class concerning how our actions affect those around us.

And it was a beautiful thing. The heavens opened and the cutest cherubs were flying around singing "Hallelujiah!". There was joy. In Mudville, amongst other places.

A while later there was another moment where a different student didn't get "it" at all. He was too wrapped up in his world to see that what he does affects everyone around him. And I realized that, for that moment, the lesson plan with him had to be thrown out the window. I focused on his understanding the subject for as long as I could without losing the rest of the class, who were ready to go to the next step. And then it was time for class to dismiss.

This is what a crack in "the system" looks like. You put a bunch of kids in a class, give them as much individual attention as you can---and try to cover the things that will actually help them in life. But there is always a student who needs more---more than you can give---more than the parents are often willing to give. And they fall through the "crack" because so many others must go before them.

I celebrate my "hallelujiah child" but I'm fighting for the others too.

In a dream world, there are ten students per teacher. Each student has tutorial time with a specialist, and time to pursue independent projects. Kids will be allowed to play at recess, on swings, on playgrounds, instead of forced into mandatory games or exercise regimes. They can explore those grounds, and create their own games. They get extra attention in math and art. And they are encouraged to explore their interests, while still becoming aware of the complexities of the world.

I want the best for my students. Until the day when that is acheived... it is

agony and ecstasy. Draw your breath in pain, and celebrate the life it gives you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

There and Back Again

Made my annual “get your taxes done” trip to my tax man---except this year the trip to Helena was a might further than it usually is, due to the move to MS.

Since it was a B’ham trip… I opted to DO IT ALL---or pretty close!
Got my hair all beautified by the fabulous Nadia. (Seriously, if you live in B’ham, go to Regis and get beautiful by Nadia. It is soooo worth it.) Got my taxes done. Had my good and patient boyfriend follow me to a shop or two while I quested for a blouse…played air hockey, had breakfast with friends, played with children; had dinner with friends, experienced momentary panic when discovering I had to move piano on a different time schedule than previously planned due to inadequate communication, stayed up way too late having good wine and intense conversation; got a back rub; laughed at boyfriend playing with children; went to church, moved a piano; found out about MS storms, got home, watched a movie (The Terminal), slept like the dead.
So, life is good and my taxes are DONE!!!
Also discovered that it is really hard to be motivated to go back to work after a particularly good weekend.
Also discovered that not only do I really like Italian food, rediscovered reasons I like the friends who shared the Italian food with us.
Also discovered that it is really hard to move a piano off a pick-up truck once it is on said pick-up truck.


But life is beautiful and I am about a week away from knowing where I will be living. WAhoo!

Now, if I can only get my sixth grade students to solve some math problems, I will feel like WonderWoman.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

My particular brand of evil777362

Knowing that my computer uploads at the speed of dark, and given that I have been preoccupied with work, my second job, hitting the local theatrical scene and, well…seeing someone…I haven’t posted much.
And for that, I apologize internet.
I’ve been busy experiencing twitter-pation, and the joy and confusion that it brings. It’s rare. And it’s wonderful.
Who knows if I will be hit by a beer truck tomorrow? Who knows if I will flake out in a sudden fit of “commito-phobia”, and go join a Mennonite colony? Or if he will suddenly decide that I’m too much hippie chic to handle? Or… maybe he will look across at me, over the carnage of chicken bones from my most recent HOOTERS visitation and think “My god, I can’t live another second without her, I must make her mine?!” Who knows? At any rate, I’ve been busy. I’m enjoying the moment. I haven’t been posting. I’m happy but *sob* …I’ve missed you guys!
Not that you are checking Inverted Crescent daily thinking “My God, why doesn’t she post more?!! Damn, I miss that saucy Cave-woman! Where else am I going to get my daily dose of were-wolf smut, movie kitsch, and eco-awareness?” (However if you are…GOD BLESS YOU!!
So, to the stuff at hand…
(Today’s installment of were-wolf smut)
I saw Underworld: Evolution. And I have to say…I’m pleased. Too often a sequel comes along and you are wondering…Why did I bother to watch this? It’s the same story we saw in the first movie. What a waste of my time! However this movie is a good solid continuation of the first story, picking up immediately where Underworld left off. Oh, and shirts are off, and there is sweating and bleeding, and hot, hot lovin’! So, therefore---two thumbs up.
Today’s installment of movie kitsch:
Mel Brook’s original movie The Producers, with my movie boyfriend Gene Wilder, and the incomparable Zero Mostel is worth a rental. Forget the movie version of the broadway ( also by Mel Brooks with Nathan Lane and Matthew Brodderick). It has its highlights. But see the original. You won’t regret it. It’s so many shades of wrong, it’s a wonder it was ever put in theatres!
Today’s installment of Eco-Awareness:
Periodically, I urge people to find out about their local environmental issues and to take action. ( In general, I think you should always keep your fingers on the pulse of your local government , and help that government make decisions concerning things you care about--- whether it’s where the new Wal-Mart is going to go, the upcoming city council elections, or the planning of the July 4th celebration.) Since the environmental work is part of my everyday life, I focus on eco issues.
Here’s a link that helps with bigger picture eco-issues. Personally, I’m all over the “Save the Endangered Species Act”, and will be adding a permanent link on my sidebars for this one. This is one of the websites that, if you visit it everyday, and click on the appropriate buttons, contributions are made to the causes you believe in. Check it out. You might find something you like.
Well, cats and kittens…that’s it for the day.
Now turn off your computer and GO OUTSIDE!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Somewhere in Time

Ah, Christopher Reeve at his hunky, hunky best.
Jane Seymour in the vigor of her youth.
The romance.
The intention.

And the kiss!

Do you remember that first kiss? The hesitation, the directness, his approach and her breathless sigh, "It's beginning."

The watch!
The photograph!

And that damn 1979 penny!

You know, ELOVE is a fun channel when you are surfing the Dish network and nothing else is on. *sigh* Somewhere in Time. What a nice valentine it would make.

It's the girl in me, I can't help it.

It's Superman, for goodness sake. Hell, I"m sure there are a few straight men out there who would go gay for him. He's amazing. May he rest in peace.