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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nothing against breeding, but...

I’m a little perturbed that when I type in “Women’s health, age 35” in google, and get a series of links about women having healthy babies.

As if that was the only health concern of a woman solidly in her 30s.

So, I go back to google, and amend the search, removing “pregnancy” from the search results. Only to find out that the asthma death rate for women aged 35 to 64 years is 22.3 per million, that osteoporosis really is a big concern, and that I really should have a thyroid test as well as a base-line mammogram now.

I also discovered when I turn 50, I need a “fecal occult blood test”, which only makes me think of some buffy-esque bad guys testing my fecal blood to determine if my poo is possessed with the blood of the believer.

At any rate, I’m no less informed than when I began the search, and I am, perhaps, a little more frightened of what the future may hold. Especially if there is chanting involved with the fecal occult blood exam.