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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

There and Back Again

Made my annual “get your taxes done” trip to my tax man---except this year the trip to Helena was a might further than it usually is, due to the move to MS.

Since it was a B’ham trip… I opted to DO IT ALL---or pretty close!
Got my hair all beautified by the fabulous Nadia. (Seriously, if you live in B’ham, go to Regis and get beautiful by Nadia. It is soooo worth it.) Got my taxes done. Had my good and patient boyfriend follow me to a shop or two while I quested for a blouse…played air hockey, had breakfast with friends, played with children; had dinner with friends, experienced momentary panic when discovering I had to move piano on a different time schedule than previously planned due to inadequate communication, stayed up way too late having good wine and intense conversation; got a back rub; laughed at boyfriend playing with children; went to church, moved a piano; found out about MS storms, got home, watched a movie (The Terminal), slept like the dead.
So, life is good and my taxes are DONE!!!
Also discovered that it is really hard to be motivated to go back to work after a particularly good weekend.
Also discovered that not only do I really like Italian food, rediscovered reasons I like the friends who shared the Italian food with us.
Also discovered that it is really hard to move a piano off a pick-up truck once it is on said pick-up truck.


But life is beautiful and I am about a week away from knowing where I will be living. WAhoo!

Now, if I can only get my sixth grade students to solve some math problems, I will feel like WonderWoman.


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