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Monday, April 24, 2006

Obit. of the supreme

Cavewoman, 35, was found as a "ball of goo" by her neighbor, Laura the magnficent, at 1:10pm EST.

Known to her friends as "The Lightning Lady", "The Snake Lady", and in some circles as a shrimp goddess, Ms. woman lived a vibrant and exciting life, travelling the southeast as an environmental educator.
Though she had recently moved to Mississippi, Ms. Woman was adapting well to the new environs, feeling that she had prepared sufficiently for the move by watching, repeatedly, Mississippi Burning, and A Time to Kill. However, no matter how much glistening sweat she noticed on the body of Samuel L. Jackson, or on the magically hot Matthew McConne---something or another--she was not prepared for the bone melting heat provided by the sultrily luscious Mississippi summer.

According to the coroner's report, MS's summer began at 1:00pm. Ms. Woman, enjoying her lunch on the veranda ( of course, where else?), burst into flames at 1:02pm, and proceeded to melt. A few minutes later, her neighbor discovered the goo, and called the police.

Ms. Woman's vivaciousness, irreverence, succulence, and general good-gal-ness will be missed by all. Especially by her students, and by the critters that she was fond of using in her programs. She is survived by two grey stealth kittens, two raccoons who will terribly miss the kitten food on her back porch, and a sweet and wonderful boyfriend who shall now have to console himself by watching b-grade sci-fi movies "in order to remember her by".

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

At least you can't say I don't have goals

Things to do (Wednesday)

1. Shop for sister’s birthday present.
2. Change the face of American Wetlands Ecology Education
3. Video workout
4. Resist urge to place 10 tons of birth control in Jackson’s public water supply.
5. Smile more.

Outgoing Links

The past six months have been interesting. New state, new job, new boyfriend, new home. And that’s just for starters. In the midst of all the ruckus, I’ve done a little internet hopping and have found a few things worth a link. Some of these may even make my blogroll.

Anyway, have a look and see what you like. You're bound to be smiling at some of this stuff.

The Writer’s Almanac. The best poetry is spoken. Click, listen, and savor the pleasure of someone reading to you. It’s as comforting as it was when you were 6.

Write your own obituary! Make is saucy. Live the live you always wanted, and then end it with panache!

Liberal. Uninhibited, outspoken and sexy. Just like me, but bolder!

I have joked for years that Animal is my favorite muppet. Why am I not surprised that we share the same personality?

My new, favorite superhero.

You CAN get fined faster for waving a gun around than for shooting one. Honest. In Mississippi, that is. Checkout this site and find out how crazy your state may be.

Learning to love as Christ loved, while embracing a healthy dating life.

Dating. It’s big. It’s scary. And it may just be a good way to grow in Christ. This article, by my favorite psychologists/Christian counselors Cloud and Townsend guide you through the “How can I tell this is the person for me?” thought process. I’ve found it helpful. And if you are dating that “someone special”, this may be of use to you.

If you are reading this, you should think about thanking someone. No Great Teacher Left Behind invites you to write about your favorite teacher ;( why stop there? Heck, call her up and express your gratitude).

Anyone surprised I’m a Hufflepuff? Yea. Didn’t think so.
She’s weird. She’s wonderful. And she must have an awful lot of spare time to put this stuff together. Wow.

A bit on the off side and therefore wonderful. If fate is kind, we’ll share shots of whiskey one day, and “stick it to the man!”

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sweet Jesus, Tuscan orange!

Taking the Lord’s name in vain, but only for humorous purposes and not for real, so please don’t let this be something I need forgiveness for…amen.

I’m in!
My own home!
The boxes are unpacked, the kitchen is functioning, and all I can really think about is
getting comfy furniture, knick-knack placement, and choosing pretty paint for the kitchen and the bedroom.
Shallow, I know.
My concentration is shot…I go to sleep and I see paint swatches. I wake up and I try to figure out where I should hang the spiral votive ironwork. This beautiful season of lent, which should be fraught with spiritual discipline is instead, filled with home decorating decadence.
So, I pray a bit---and then daydream of terracotta living rooms, taupe bedrooms, and a cool green or a tuscan orange kitchen. *sigh*
What would baby Jesus say? Green? Tuscan Orange? These are harsh Lenten/almost \easter realities to be faced with on a rainy afternoon.

But it is nice to put things where they go and find myself in a more comfortable space than I've been in in a while.

I'll be posting regularly by June---but until I get this crazy phone/computer stuff worked out ( even know I am posting at a cyber cafe), things will be slim.