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Saturday, January 20, 2007


It's a lovely Saturday in Jackson, and I'm up to no good---happily sleeping most of the day away whilst my new face cream works on making my skin more "supple and glowing". Ha! Anyway, my skin does feel good and the little lines around my eyes are bit less---so, I guess it was a good buy.

I have tried on a few separate occassions to post thoughtfully composed drivel, but have met resistance with the local library computer. Macs being slightly new beasts to me---and the library imposing "blocks" on the machines---certainly have cut down on my chattiness.

So, pretend you read a riveting post about my frugal christmas---and about how I was able to gift 28 people for around $250.00---which I thought was really quite good. Also pretend you read a post about how I was deeply influenced by children's literature. Then, pretend it was the very best literature you ever laid your eyes on---on the computer---and that you wish I would just write more---and that I would figure out how to allow comments. *sigh*

Anyway--other than all of this nonsense---life is relatively good.

I'm a little blue lately, but I'm not certain why.
Maybe I feel like I'm not getting enough positive feedback at work?
I'm happy enough---but I just am not thrilled when I wake up every morning to go to work. Content..yes. But not thrilled as I once was.

And that is different for me.

So, I'm thinking and praying.

The benefits where I am are quite good---and I do like the people and the work. But on the whole, I'm not certain I'm making a difference anymore. I may be wrong. It's hard to measure these things. But I'd like a little excitement--a little "VOOM" that makes it feel worth it. A little appreciation where I can feel it. At least, I think it may be that.

Anyway--keep me in your prayers. That my attitude may improve--and that I may find my happiness again.