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Monday, December 19, 2005

Ms. Lillian's Beauty Shop

Every evening when I get home, my little niece Lillian is waiting for me. Not like a lioness, lying in wait, hoping for sustenance---more like a ferret that is looking for something to carry away to their lair for storage so they can play with it later. Sigh*

This often leads to auntly hijinks which involve, at the least, a trip to Ms. Lillian’s Beauty Shop.

I’m not certain exactly how it got started…I just know that Ms. Lillian does my hair and, for whatever reason, I am very tardy to my hair appointments, no matter how hard I try to be punctual.

It seems that whenever I arrive, she is just about “ready to close”, and she can really only help me if I’m having a hair emergency.

Remarkably, I always am.
You see, my blind mother does my hair.
Well, my blind mother does my hair most of the time, and that is why Ms. Lillian must “fix” it.

If my blind mother isn’t doing my hair, then invariably screech owls grab my hair when I am walking the trails and tangle it up. Or---worst of all---there was a family of rat’s making a nest in my hair when I slept---one night in November.
You can see where I have a problem.

Thank goodness for Ms. Lillians’ Emergency Hair Repair!
Sometimes vacuum cleaner parts are used. Other times, her entire treasury of little girl hair bows and rubber bands come out. What else can save the hair of a woman whose blind mother styles it?
And once, she even used…(gasp!) a comb.

Anyway, it’s a fun game. I like the pampering. It gives me a modicum of privacy (it is possible to read or watch a movie when Ms. Lillian is doing your hair). And if that fails I can always lock myself in the bathroom for a hot soak and some quiet time. At least, until the screech owls come again---or Mom is feeling creative.(:


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