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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


November is here, and my sinuses are blocked. My little neti pot gives wonderful temporary relief---but it is just that---temporary. And so, I stand over the sink at 3 in the morning, cleaning out ye old sinuses in a bathroom so thoroughly in the throws of re-modeling, that I feel like I am in a crack-whore’s digs getting that “one last fix.”

. That’s all I need. Just give me the salt and the steam, man. YOU KNOW HOW I JONES FOR OXYGEN. *sigh*

On the upside, there was thanksgiving dinner for all the nice people at work, and it was truly wonderful. I managed , in my sickly state, to eat a full plate of the potluck goodies AND to accidentally insult a colleague . Never let it be said that I’m an underachiever.

When I go home, I expect the house to be thirteen shades of disorganized, due to the recent renovations. But I know it is a good thing, and truly something to be thankful for when it is done. So, something like dinner later, a headstand or so to knock loose the sinus, and one final moment with the neti pot and I’m going to try to sleep my way to health. At least, that is the goal.


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