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Monday, November 28, 2005

Five-hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes

I am full of ponderables lately.

So many lifetimes that I could live.

In one lifetime I work in a bookstore, complete with rare and out-of-print editions of longed for texts, some archaic and gorgeous coffee machine which reminds me of the days when scientists had to create their own equipment before research could begin, and a black cat or two for good measure.

In another life, I am inordinately fond of flowers, and work in a nursery.

In another, I am traveling the world, exploring neolithic cave art.

In another, I bike everywhere, and live to meet the locals.

In some lives I am gardening, or camping, or making great art---w0rking for national geographic.

These are the lives of the self.

The selfless lives involve me being someone's wife, and someone's mother. In loving the stillness and the chaos. In doing something bigger and stranger by the depth of my involvement in the community.

So much to do in so beautiful a world and there just never seems to be enough time to do it all in.

But I'm starting to branch out---starting to learn and grow.

Tomorrow I have a date, which should prove fun. I'm looking forward to going to see Oklahoma and to learn a bit about what this gentlemen is about.

I want to learn more about grafitti throughout history, as well. So, I'm researching. And I'm also learning to take better photos. Maybe there is a coffee table book in my future on the history of paleo-graffiti?

Looking to a few different things now.

Might as well.
Life is short, and I want to make this one count.


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