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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

craft, craft, craft

I hear you. What's cavewoman been up to?
Making a dress, embroidering a ring-bearer's pillow, sewing table toppers, experimenting with gingerbread recipes. See a trend?
Yep, I'm crafting for the wedding!

The crazy thing to me is how fun it's all been.
I was the last person who wanted a "real" wedding.
Eloping---having the smallest ceremony possible, hopefully outdoors, then travelling was my idea. My groom convinced me that our families would appreciate otherwise. And you know what? He was so totally right.

Now that I'm in the midst of planning...I'm really enjoying it. My family has been letting me know how happy they are about things. And it is really wonderful seeing how happy they are, now they have an event to celebrate.

Truth be told, the last few times the family has gotten together it has been for funerals. How nice it is to be together for a happy occassion.

Our wedding will not be remembered for being an awesome party, the kick-ass food, or the best d.j. It will simply be a very personal, hand-crafted wedding. And nicely---that makes me a happy bride.


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