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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oh immortal bean-squeezin' goodness, I've missed you!

Lent is a time to give-up something, and to take on something. Particularly, it is a time to contemplate all that Christ did by going into the wilderness for 40 days.

For me, Lent was a time to give up coffee and take on walking.
Not such a big deal. But it was. For me.

Instead of making me reflective on what my lord and saviour gave up for only made me want coffee more. I dreamt about it. Talked wistfully about when I could have coffee again, and savoured it all too much on feastdays, when I was allowed coffee again. (See how this wasn't really acheiving the goal?)
Also, choosing a morning walking time was sheer folly. I looked forward to my days off, so I could sleep in and avoid the movement that required alertness...the alertness I did not have, due to not having coffee. ( See? I really didn't think this out at all.)

Now, Lent is over and Eastertide is here and I'm back on the sacred bean I can tell you this....

Not all coffee is good coffee.
When coffee is good, it is really good.
That giving up coffee in NO WAY equals anything Christ gave up in the wilderness, so he could improve his relationship with the Father.
Even so, giving up coffee still made me think ( a little) about what Christ did sacrifice for me.

Weird, huh?
I went the long way around to know what I already knew: That Jesus rocks and I'm weak, and that man, do I ever love good coffee.

Oh---and though this post is drivel, please note one important thing:

You can comment now!


At 8:06 AM, Blogger Johnny C. said...


Glad to see you got the comments working again.

Good post.

It's all a journey right?

At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Sarah said...

Yay for comments! Yay for coffee!


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